THE FIRST DAYS in bookstores NOW!

Hello everyone,

Rhiannon and I were out and about today and when we stopped into Barnes and Noble on a whim, we found five brand new, shining copies of The First Days under the NEW FICTION rack. To say this was an exciting moment was an understatement, and while the picture alone doesn’t do the justice of seeing it live in a bookstore, it sure does say a thousand words about how far this book has come in the past few years. While there, she signed the five copies of the book that were out. You can find them at the Arboretum in Austin, TX if you live in the area.

The First Days is currently in bookstores now, but its official release date is July 5th. Please, if you haven’t ordered it already, do so at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or go to your local bookstore and request it!

Thanks again,

- The As the World Dies Staff

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