Fighting to Survive

Winner of the Dead Letter Award

The hundred or so survivors in the fortified heart of Ashley Oaks are running out of food and room. The newly-renovated historic hotel seems a perfect sanctuary—if can be emptied of zombies.

A pitched battle in the banquet room is the start of a harrowing, room-by-room struggle from Reception to roof. The connection between beauty and death has never been more apparent to Katie, Travis, Jenni, and Juan than when they celebrate and mourn in the hotel’s lovely rooftop gazebo.

As search-and-rescue teams bring food, supplies—and more survivors—back to town, they draw unwanted attention. Bandits see the fort’s citizens as competition for dwindling stocks of unspoiled provisions . . . and as a ready source of women to be used and abused. The bandits’ first few attacks are minor skirmishes, but Travis and Juan, unofficial leaders of the community, know there is worse to come.

Outside threats are not the fort’s only concern. The mayor’s failing health spurs a battle for power erupts. Travis’s vow never to kill faces its greatest test. A vicious assault on Katie leads to vigilante action that shatters the rule of law. Jenni’s tenuous hold on sanity begins to slip. Juan is accused of murder.

And beyond the fort’s walls, the zombies shamble, moaning, eyes fastened hungrily upon the living.

Praise for Fighting to Survive

“Joins the most imaginative of horrors with memorable characters and heartfelt honesty.” –David Dunwoody, author of Empire and Unbound & Other Tales

“Centering on the travails of close friends Jenni and Katie, Frater’s novel explicitly draws from Romero’s works while developing optimistic themes untapped by the pessimistic filmmaker, embracing the possibility of creation even in the face of the end of the world as we know it.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Fighting To Survive is a horror novel with heart. It’s funny and endearing in places and sickening and gory in others, but always perfectly balanced between the two. This series is a fantastic addition to the zombie genre and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of ‘Siege’ the final book in this phenomenal trilogy.” – Book Chick City

“Once again, Rhiannon Frater completely blows my mind with yet another with heart pounding, gut wrenching, emotional and STUNNINGLY written book that you will not want to miss! Fighting to Survive will leave you BEGGING for Siege, the third and final installment of the As the World Dies trilogy!”– The Bookish Brunette